Has Postecoglou got it wrong?

Has Postecoglou got it wrong?

15/05/24 12:39

Ange Postecoglou was clearly frustrated all night long, as his Tottenham side fell to a fifth league defeat in six games, at the hands of Manchester City. His reactions would seem quite normal for a coach, however, Tottenham fans in the crowd were smiling, clapping, and even a few doing the Poznan, celebrating the loss.

If you are unaware of what the situation was before the game, here is the scenario: If Spurs won or drew their match against Manchester City, it would put winning the league in Arsenal’s hands. However, City winning the game would keep them in the driving seat, knowing a win on the final day would win them the league title.

The majority of Tottenham fans wanted to lose the match. I, as a Spurs fan, wanted to lose the match.

After the game, Postecoglou was not best pleased when he was asked about Spurs fans chanting “are you watching Arsenal?” and went on to say the foundations at the club are fragile ‘outside and inside’ the club.

A video also came to light of a furious Postecoglou during the game, calling out a fan who supposedly was telling Postecoglou to throw the game.

But the question is: Is what he said wrong?

Now I understand the frustration with losing the game, and the fans wanting their own team to struggle, as Tottenham put up a good performance against arguably the best side in the world; with the support behind them, they could have got something from the game. Postecoglou clearly only wants to win, as a manager of a club, and only cares about his team. However, perhaps he needed to show a bit more of this frustration after the clubs recent four losses in a row, the first time since 2004 that that had happened.

In my honest opinion, Postecoglou has got it wrong with his conduct surrounding the game. As a football man, he should understand the position of the Tottenham fans, even if he does not agree with them.

Spurs fans who grew up and live around the area all know an Arsenal fan, if it is a family member or a friend, a next-door neighbour or a co-worker, they will all know one. In 30 years time, nobody will remember if Tottenham managed to sneak into the top four this season, but everyone will remember how Tottenham gifted Arsenal the Premier League title. It would be something that Spurs fans would NEVER be able to live down.

Jamie Carragher, who was commentating on the game, said himself that he does not think a Spurs fan should want to win the game.

Postecoglou should have just sucked up the defeat and tried to keep his cool. Instead he has picked possibly the worst possible time to make bold statements and go at the club and especially the fans, who have backed him through some tough spells in his first season.


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