Klopp's Final Farewell Could Be EMBARRASSING

Klopp's Final Farewell Could Be EMBARRASSING

29/03/24 14:12

When Jurgen Klopp announced he would be leaving Liverpool at the end of the season, in January, the entire football world was shocked. Nobody expected it. Nobody saw it coming. It broke the internet.

And from that point onwards everyone sort of just assumed that since it was Klopp’s final season it had to end in the best possible way. Surely they were going to win it all.

In fairness, when the announcement broke Liverpool had booked their place in the Carabao Cup final, made it into the next round of the Europa League and were well and truly in the race for the title. Not too dissimilar to how it is now.


They have won the Carabao Cup, are into the Quarter Finals of the Europa League and are still in the title race looking as though they might just win it at the time of writing this. Surely we are destined to see the perfect ending to Klopp’s time at Liverpool. The perfect farewell.

But what if we aren’t?

The world seems as though it is being blinded by this Liverpool side. The moment they lifted the Carabao Cup it was a fairytale ending in the making but it still could all end in, to be quite frank, embarrassing fashion.

The worst thing that could happen come the end of the season for Liverpool is still very much a possibility. They could only end the season with a Carabao Cup to their name. Finishing third in the league and being knocked out of the Europa League, a competition where they are heavily the favourites.

That sounds familiar… oh yeah! It is exactly the same as Erik Ten Hag’s first season at Manchester United.


United won the Carabao Cup, were knocked out of the Europa League despite being one of the favourites to win it and ended the season in third place. Arguably, if Liverpool do the exact same thing it is worse still because at least Ten Hag guided Man United to an FA Cup final. Something Klopp hasn’t managed to achieve this season.

Wouldn’t it be so poetic that Klopp’s final season at Liverpool, after guiding them to their first Premier League title and a Champions League title during his time at the club, is just as good as the “awful manager” Erik Ten Hag’s first season in the league.

The world has been blinded by Jurgen Klopp. This article is by no means suggesting that Klopp is a bad manager. He has indeed worked wonders at Liverpool bringing them back to the top. However, the fact that everyone has automatically assumed that it has to end well because it is his final season at the club shocks me.

Even if they finish second the scenario is far from ideal for Liverpool surely?

The entire planet has been trying to make sure that Klopp ends the season successfully. Even making a massive deal out of the Carabao Cup victory as if they weren’t laughing at every other club that won it before them. The Carabao Cup was made to seem like the Champions League. And all because Jurgen Klopp won it in his final season.

I think the world needs to sit back and relax. There is twice the pressure on Liverpool this season because everyone thinks Klopp needs the best possible goodbye. Sit and watch the season unfold because this is quite possibly the best title race we have seen for many many years.

Klopp’s legacy at Liverpool will be forever lasting. Like I said he has worked miracles at the club. But it still could end in the worst possible way. Leaving Klopp thinking…

“I couldn’t even top Erik Ten Hag in my final farewell”


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