Top 5 managers to replace Jürgen Klopp

Top 5 managers to replace Jürgen Klopp

28/02/24 22:09

With Jürgen Klopp on his way out in the summer, Liverpool will be busy assessing his potential replacements in the closing months of the season. So with that in mind, we've done the work for them

Here’s Football Park’s top 5 Klopp replacements:

1. Xabi Alonso

It's extremely obvious to all football fans that Alonso is the number one choice for Liverpool. Klopp will be leaving behind a younger squad, with the opportunity to build a new project. Who better to take that on, than a former Liverpool player who currently has Bayer Leverkusen at the top of the Bundesliga. Liverpool will be able to rebuild around his philosophy and certainly remain a competitive side in the Premier League if Alonso’s Leverkusen side are anything to go by. The only issue with Alonso is the competition for him, as it seems that Bayern Munich also have him at the top of their list and it will be interesting to see which of the two he chooses. If he is to choose Bayern then it will likely be one of the other managers on this list which is set to take the hot seat at Anfield…

2. Julian Nagelsmann

Nagelsmann was once the shiniest toy on the market, with every club keeping a watchful eye on his Leipzig side before Bayern managed to get their hands on him. After a dismal end to his reign at Bayern he is now in charge of the German national team, but would he move for the Reds? Well, his contract is up with Germany after the Euros so snapping him up would be easy for Liverpool. He is still a young manager and all the reasons clubs were excited about him are still there. A club will have to give him a chance to prove himself again soon and that club just might be Liverpool. If the offer came to him it's far more likely that he would take it compared to Alonso as he would relish the chance to have another go at a European giant and this situation would be far more welcoming than what he experienced in Munich.

3. Thomas Tuchel

Another failed manager at Bayern (or future one). Tuchel is set to leave the Allianz Arena in the summer and after exiting abruptly from the Premier league in 2022, he would snatch the chance to return. He won the champions league against all odds with a Chelsea squad which was signed not by him, but by Frank Lampard. He has undeniable quality as a coach but his quality when given a say in the transfer market has been questioned. Liverpool suits him perfectly in this aspect as even Klopp didn’t have complete control. Mohamed Salah signing was actually a result of the people above Klopp pushing for the egyptian’s signature so Tuchel would be allowed to focus on the football side. With dynamic players like Szobozlai and Diaz at his disposal it would be interesting to see what he could do as he would be excited to prove a certain American businessman wrong.

4. Roberto De Zerbi

De Zerbi is an interesting one, as after the 22/23 season everyone was raving about his Brighton side, saying how he had transformed Potter’s squad into a competitive team. However, this season things haven’t worked out exactly the same way with Brighton currently sitting seventh, five points below Manchester United, who are supposedly having a poor season. Taking Brighton to the Europa League is a monumental achievement but it has to be asked whether he would be able to perform at a bigger club. The pressure at Liverpool will be like nothing he has experienced so far in management and it would be fair to doubt his abilities in such a role. There’s no way of knowing whether he could translate his success with Brighton to Liverpool without seeing it for ourselves but it would be an exciting appointment nonetheless.

5. Ruben Amorim

The Portuguese manager is expected to make a switch from Sporting Lisbon in the summer and whoever takes him is going to have to beat a few clubs for his signature. He’s currently got reported interest from Chelsea and Manchester United but if Liverpool went in for him they would certainly turn his head. He’s impressed on English soil already as he knocked Arsenal out of the Europa League last season as well as beating Tottenham in the same campaign. Obviously he would be making a bigger jump than De Zerbi as he hasn’t managed outside of his native Portugal but the underlying metrics support the idea that his management isn’t worth joking about. It would be a roll of the dice from Liverpool but it just might be a work of genius if they pulled it off.


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