Neymar claims new Chelsea player will be a "Genius"

Neymar claims new Chelsea player will be a "Genius"

24/06/24 06:44

Neymar has selected the player he thinks is the most exciting to come out of a new Brazilian generation.

"I think Estêvão (Willian) of Palmeiras is a big talent that is surging in Brazilian football," said Neymar, the former Ballon d'Or nominee.

"I think he will be a genius."

Estêvão is currently just 17 years old, but has already been signed by Chelsea for a fee of £51 million.

Considering Neymar was asked "Which talent of this new generation excites you the most?", and he selected Estêvão, is high praise from a Brazilian football legend.

The youngster offers many similarites in play-style to when Neymar was at Santos early on in his career. The unique style of dribbling coupled with excellent innovation could be a site to behold at Stamford Bridge in a few years time.

Estêvão will join Chelsea in the summer of 2025, as he continues to develop as a promising young attacker at Palmeiras.

Benji Kosartiyer
Ashley Adamson-Edwards



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