The Five Tallest Players in Premier League History

The Five Tallest Players in Premier League History

19/03/24 23:53

The Five Tallest Players in Premier League History

Over the years the Premier League has seen its fair share of tall men. Some, a lot bigger than others. Today Football Park takes a look at the five tallest players to ever grace the Premier League.

And no, believe it or not, they aren’t all goalkeepers.

  1. Nikola Zigic - 6 foot 7

Nikola Zigic starts off this list and what a way to start it. The Serbian born Birmingham striker was part of the Birmingham squad that won the league cup in 2011. Defeating Arsenal in incredibly shocking fashion.

A fantastic player at times, Zigic was 6 foot 7 inches tall making his ability on the pitch all the better.

  1. Peter Crouch - 6 foot 7

Peter Crouch is arguably the most iconic tall man in football. I’m sure many of you reading this were expecting him to be in the top spot but he only comes in at fourth.

Crouch had a very iconic career playing for multiple different teams and scoring a lot of goals while he was at it as well. His goal catalogue is incredible. And for a man that stands at 6 foot 7 as well he was incredibly versatile.

Crouchy had a pretty iconic career.

  1. Lacina Traore - 6 foot 8

Some readers may have never heard of Lacina Traore. He wasn’t in the Premier League all that long. In fact he only made two appearances for the toffees.

But there’s a reason his nickname is “The Big Tree” and that is because he is gigantic. Standing at 6 foot 8 inches tall, Traore takes third place.

  1. Costel Pantilimon - 6 foot 8

Many football fans may forget just how long Pantilimon was in the Premier League for. He played at multiple different clubs and won multiple trophies. Mostly at Manchester City.

Pantilimon didn’t just play for City though he also played in the Premier League for Watford and Sunderland. He is a pretty iconic yet forgotten Premier League goalkeeper.

Considering he was 6 foot 8 you would think he was pretty hard to forget about.

  1. Kjell Scherpen - 6 foot 9

Kjell Scherpen is absolutely huge. Brighton’s goalkeeper has spent most of his time at the club out on loan at clubs like Vitesse and Sturm Graz but that doesn't mean he can’t make this list.

At an unbelievable 6 foot 9 inches tall the Brighton goalkeeper makes me question how anybody even manages to get the ball past him. He is gigantic.


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