"They Did Not Deserve It One Tiny Bit" | Manchester City Fan Reacts To Champions League Quarter Final vs Real Madrid

"They Did Not Deserve It One Tiny Bit" | Manchester City Fan Reacts To Champions League Quarter Final vs Real Madrid

17/04/24 23:09

Manchester City have just crashed out of the Champions League in the Quarter Finals on penalties and what a horrific way to go out.

Silva missed his penalty because OUR OWN FANS want to play volleyball in our most important game of the season, yes well done lads.

Kovacic missed with a poor attempt yet our goalkeeper took the best penalty of the entire shootout, it just shows how much of a mess it was really.

Even after winning the Champions League for the first time EVER last season, it does not make it any easier crashing out in such a diabolical way. I mean the stats speak for themselves.

The lead up to their goal was tragic, the defence was not present at all and we awarded them with the easiest goal that Real Madrid will score all campaign.

Akanji was absolutely class. Did not look out of place at all and fit into that Stones role perfectly.

Grealish was electric in the first half but lacked the end product. The exact same as De Bruyne, Foden, Silva…I could name the entire squad.

Pep needs to engrave heading training into the skull of Erling Haaland because what has happened to the man with 81 goals in 88 games?!


The second half was the turning point, attack after attack. Corner after corner, yet it took the deflection of the decade for De Bruyne to finally find the back of the net.

Real Madrid were poor all game. Did not look like they wanted to win at all until it came to penalties, they knew how much of a threat we were and just decided to sit on their high horse, stick ELEVEN men behind the ball and kiss the ground as many times as humanly possible.

You honestly could not count on 6 hands how many attempts on goal and corners that City had, and yet none of them were converted, in fact barely any of them even came close to going in.

Despite his awful performance, you’d still keep Haaland on the pitch for penalties or simply for the fact that the robot is a giant target that you can inswing a cross and just pray that he does not continue to miss the target. Every. Single. Time.

Then De Bruyne comes off… is Pep trying to keep him fit for CHELSEA?! Don't kid me.

It was so inevitable that Real Madrid, after a horrendous 107 minutes of football, would manage to come out victorious.


Not going to congratulate them whatsoever because they did not deserve it one tiny bit.

The only thing making this a bit easier is scrolling through my camera roll looking at Istanbul last June.

Blah Blah, onto Chelsea where Cole Palmer will probably score 6 and celebrate like a brat.


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