How to get Euro 2024 tickets?

How to get Euro 2024 tickets?

12/06/24 17:55

Everything you need to know about getting Euro 2024 tickets

With the Euros ahead of us, many fans have already planned to travel to Germany with hopes of getting a match ticket. Some with them may hope to buy more further into the tournament, with dreams of seeing their country lift the trophy at the Olympiastadion on 14th July.

For those with questions surrounding the purchase of Uefa Euro 2024 tickets, here is a clear guide:

Remaining tickets for UEFA EURO 2024 matches will be offered via the Ticket Portal on the UEFA website.

All updates on euro 2024 tickets will be on the UEFA Euro 2024 site with information on euro 2024 ticket prices and even euro 2024 final tickets.

All tickets are digital on the UEFA app. A smartphone will be required for entry into every UEFA Euro 2024 stadium, however, internet connection will not be required to access bought UEFA Euro 2024 tickets after they are downloaded.

How much does it cost to go to Euro 2024?

The UEFA Euro 2024 ticket prices change depending on seat and also stage of the tournament. The later in the tournament the match is, the more expensive the ticket price. The higher quality the seat is deemed to be, the more expensive the ticket price.

For the group stage tickets cost between €30 and €200.

For the opening match tickets cost between €50 and €600.

For the Round of 16 tickets cost between €50 and €250.

For the Quarter Finals tickets cost between €60 and €300.

For the Semi Finals cost between €80 and €600.

For the UEFA Euro 2024 Final tickets cost between €95 and €1000.

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