Where Will Zidane Go Next?

Where Will Zidane Go Next?

20/04/24 21:18

Zinedine Zidane has been out of management since 2021 after leaving Real Madrid again. Since then there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the next job he could take in management. In this article we are going to have a look at the rumours and dictate exactly where Zidane goes next.

Manchester United

It’s safe to say that Man United have struggled this season. With plenty of doubt surrounding Erik Ten Hag, could Zidane be the man to fix Manchester United?

Rumours have circulated for many years that Zidane could make the jump to England to join the Red Devils but of course that has never been materialised. However, in recent days it has been reported that Zidane would be happy to take the job at the club. French news outlet l’equipe reported that Zidane would rather move to Manchester United than anyone else in the summer.

If the reports are correct and if the future of the club under Ten Hag is in doubt Zidane could be lined up as the perfect replacement to take the job on. Arguably there is no better option for Man United than Zidane.



If not a move to United why not a move to another English side in Chelsea. Much like at United Chelsea have been in shambles for a few seasons now. Pochettino does seem like he is turning things around at the club now but many fans for the majority of this season have been unsure if he is really the one to take Chelsea back to the top.

If Pochettino is to leave, much like at United, there is surely no better option to bring in than the Frenchman. Something I’m sure many Chelsea fans would be more than happy to see.



The first team on the list that currently doesn’t know who their manager will be next season. Liverpool could be the perfect destination for Zidane.

A club with a rich history that, as mentioned, doesn’t even have a manager at the moment for next season.

Rumours have been circulating about who the next manager of the club will be. Xabi Alonso seemingly has turned down the job opting to stay at Bayer Leverkusen instead. The odds suggest that Ruben Amorim could take the job placing him as the favourite but if not Zidane would surely be the next best option for them.


Bayern Munich

Another club with no manager going into next season. With Thomas Tuchel set to leave the club at the end of the season, Bayern will be after a new boss.

Bayern Munich arguably seems like the most perfect fit for the Frenchman as well. A big club that really wouldn’t be a huge challenge to come into and take over. Many people have suggested that Real Madrid was an easy job for Zidane - well this would 100% be easier for him.

Joining Bayern Munich just seems like the perfect fit for him. It is a club where he can be successful.


Let's be honest. Zidane is arguably the most sought after manager in world football. His success at Real Madrid was like nothing anyone has ever seen. I’m sure many clubs would snap at the opportunity to be coached by the legendary figure.

To be honest, I think it is obvious where I think Zidane is destined to go next. And that is surely Bayern Munich. He would be the perfect fit for the club and for such a legendary club. Such a successful club. It just seems destined to happen. Why wouldn’t Zidane want to go and why would Bayern not want Zidane.

However, only time will tell. For now we just have to continue to question where Zidane will go next.


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