Bastian Schweinsteiger Hits Out At His Time At Manchester United

Bastian Schweinsteiger Hits Out At His Time At Manchester United

18/04/24 11:53

Bastian Schweinsteiger has hit out at the way he was treated at the end of his time at Manchester United, in a recent interview with Gary Neville, on The Overlap.

The World Cup winner joined Manchester United in 2015 after what was a very successful run with Bayern Munich - his childhood club.


However, at the club he failed to settle under Louis Van Gaal with things getting even worse once Jose Mourinho came in.

In the interview, with The Overlap, Schweinsteiger opened up about the end of his time at United describing how he was kicked out of the dressing room by John Murtough at the request of Jose Mourinho.

“On my birthday, when I walked into Carrington, John Murtough was there and said that I wasn’t allowed to walk into the dressing room, the coach had said so. No warning, nothing.”

“I don’t know why Murtough told me. Someone could have told me there on my first day of training or explained it to me in a normal way, but okay, I went to the youth dressing room and trained with the under 16s.”


Schweinsteiger would go on to reveal that he wasn’t allowed to even train with the team, instead being made to work on an individual programme. Away from everyone else.

“I was training alone for at least three months with a fitness coach. I trained before and after the team.”

Mourinho never let me train with the first team.”

“I was very sad with how I got treated but I’m not this kind of person to then run to the media to talk about it. I said to myself, ‘do your job, train, and maybe one day you will get a chance’.”

Mourinho did later apologise for his treatment of him. However, the damage was clearly already done and there was no coming back for Schweinsteiger at the club.

“The first time someone apologised was when I decided to leave United for America, and asked Jose if I could do that, he then apologised for the way he treated me in the beginning and he had to let me go because he could not say no to me at that moment.”


In an interview in 2017, Mourinho even described how Schweinsteiger was “in a category of players that I feel sorry for something that I did to him.”

This emphasises the poor treatment the former German international had faced during his time at the club.

Described in the interview by Gary Neville as “illegal” referring to the situation as “constructive dismissal” we can’t help but wonder what could have been for Schweinsteiger at United if things had gone differently.


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