Former Champions League Quarter Finalist claims Arsenal player is the next Mourinho

Former Champions League Quarter Finalist claims Arsenal player is the next Mourinho

24/06/24 17:33

Who is the "Mini Mourinho"?

Former Champions league quarter-finalist Colin Kazim-Richards has mentioned a shock name currently sitting on the Arsenal bench as the next potentially elite manager.

Having recently completed a UEFA A coaching course that involved several former and current Arsenal personnel, Kazim-Richards was impressed by the standards shown by many there, including household names like Granit Xhaka, Jermaine Defoe and Mohamed Elneny.

However, when talking about who had the potential to be the coach of a top team in the future, Kazim-Richards brought up a surprising name.

Taking the course with him was Cedric Soares, who has made 65 appearances at right-back for Arsenal since his move from Southampton in January of 2020, and Richards was full of praise.

“He is a mini Jose Mourinho,’ said Kazim-Richards: “Cedric is on it. He’s on it. He understands the way he wants to play, he understands the situations he wants to be in, he understands how he wants to develop his team.”

To fans and casuals alike, Jose Mourinho, who has recently been unveiled as manager of one of Kazim-Richards former clubs in Fenerbahce, is a well-known and generally well-liked manager.

Labeling himself “The Special One”, Mourinho has won league titles in 4 different countries, while also lifting all three UEFA continental competitions, including the Champions League twice. No stranger to a controversial comment, his honesty brings him his popularity, and he is quite the name to be compared to having not yet embarked on your coaching career.

However, reports from the Arsenal Insider that came out in February gave precedent to the Portuguese right-backs coaching abilities, after it was published that Soares was impressing “behind-the-scenes” at Arsenal despite his fringe role.

This included appearing in youth teams in spite of his lack of minutes, and passing on valuable knowledge and experience to some of the youth players there. These actions show his willingness to develop young sides, even for a team which he may not be a part of for much longer, with his contract expiring in a week.

Want to find out what else Colin Kazim Richards had to say. Check out our Youtube video below for the full interview.

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Harry Pascoe

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