Why Germany should lose to Switzerland tonight

Why Germany should lose to Switzerland tonight

23/06/24 15:19

Germany have had an amazing start into their 2024 Euro campaign with winning their first two games against Scotland and Hungary.

The Germans will be facing their last opponent, Switzerland, of the group stage tonight, and are of course aiming for their third win in a row, although they have already qualified for the round of 16.

If Germany win or draw against the Swiss, they will go through as group winners which sounds better at first but ‘die Mannschaft’ might actually be better off with losing and therefore coming second in Group A behind Switzerland.

The main reason for this is Spain. They can be seen as the strongest team at the moment and for Germany it would be best to face them as late as possible.

What is Germany’s Euro 2024 path if they win their group?

Germany would face whoever comes second in Group C. With the results of the group in the first two matches, all teams, England, Slovenia, Serbia and Denmark, could still come second although Denmark is most likely to take that place.

Then, if Spain wins their round of 16 fixture and so does Germany, the two teams will already be facing each other in the quarter finals.

Both Germany and Spain are seen as the two strongest teams, as they both impressed with their performances in the group stage but Germany’s opponents seemed to be a little bit easier than Spain, who already won against Italy and Croatia.

On the other hand, if Germany wins their group and so do England and France, Germany will only face one of the two in the final in Berlin on the 14th of June.

What is Germany’s Euro 2024 path if they finish second in their group?

Julian Nagelsmann’s squad would, as of now, face Italy in the round of 16 which will most likely be a high quality match, containing the impressive Germans and 2020 Euro winners Italy.

If Germany was to win that match, their next opponent could be England or Switzerland and the semi-finals look like a rather easy match for the Germans here, with possible opponents being Romania, Albania, Netherlands or Turkey.

In this scenario, Germany would only have to face Spain in the final. Looking back at all the matches that have been played so far at the 2024 Euro, Germany and Spain have arguably impressed the most.

Based on past results, both teams would deserve a spot in the final of this year's Euro’s and for Germany it might be better to have Spain as their last opponent, which is why losing against Switzerland today might be an advantage.

Regardless, if you want to win the Euro’s you have to be able to beat everyone.

Benji Kosartiyer
Kelly Stock

Football Writer


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