Why Mats Wieffer is Perfect for Brighton

Why Mats Wieffer is Perfect for Brighton

04/07/24 13:29

Football Park Tier 1 source, Fabrizio Romano, has confirmed that Brighton have agreed a deal to sign Mats Wieffer from Feyenoord.

Brighton's signing of Wieffer is a strategic move, promising to enhance their midfield with his unique skill set. Here’s why:

Wieffer is meticulous with his ball handling. He only demands the ball when he has a clear plan, thanks to his exceptional vision. This precision ensures his passes are purposeful, a trait that will benefit Brighton's midfield.

Wieffer excels off the ball, constantly directing teammates and positioning himself strategically. His leadership and tactical awareness will enhance Brighton’s team structure and fluidity.

Defensively, Wieffer is aggressive, though sometimes prone to fouls—he picked up three yellow cards in eight Europa League games. His physicality, however, makes him formidable in duels, adding grit to Brighton's midfield.

Though not a dribbler, Wieffer excels in long passes due to his sharp vision. His ability to stay one step ahead aligns well with Brighton’s quick transitions and long ball tactics.

Wieffer’s stamina allows him to maintain performance for the full 90 minutes. His aerial ability, demonstrated by several headers for Feyenoord, adds a new dimension to Brighton’s set-piece threats.

While the Dutchman's tactical understanding is high, he struggles in high-tempo matches against quicker opponents, leading to fouls and bookings. Adjusting to the Premier League’s pace will be crucial.

With the departure of key midfielders like Moisés Caicedo, Wieffer has big shoes to fill. His technical prowess, organisational skills, and physical attributes make him a versatile option to shape Brighton’s new-look midfield.

Dutch football pundit Hans Kraay Jr noted,

“He is a very technical, controlling midfielder. He never loses the ball. His first touch is fantastic.

“He is the person the centre-back looks for as his first option with the ball. You give him the ball and then you know you can push on another 25 yards because he does not lose it”

“He is safe like the Bank of England in possession.”

Wieffer’s vision, tactical awareness, and physicality make him a valuable addition to Brighton.

If he adapts to the Premier League’s pace, he could become a key player, driving the team forward both on and off the ball.

Benji Kosartiyer
Jamie Somerville



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