Why Musiala is so important for Germany

Why Musiala is so important for Germany

23/06/24 15:42

Three years ago, back in 2021, a decision was made from which the German national team will benefit for a long time coming - Jamal Musiala announced that he will not be playing for the English national team but instead will be part of ‘die Mannschaft’.

Musiala moved to England with his family at the age of seven and has played in England's youth with Jude Bellingham as well as in Germany's U16 team for multiple years before joining Bayern Munich, where he made the decision to play for Germany in future tournaments.

Here are three reasons why Musiala is so important for the Germans:

1. Dribbling qualities

When Musiala starts dribbling, his opponents never look good. Thanks to his ball control, he manages to get past multiple defenders at once.

The midfielder is mainly seen making a move called ‘La Croqueta’. Hereby, he goes past his opponents with two very short and quick touches of the ball, which not many players can do as it requires the ability to use both feet.

Considering his young age, Musiala’s pace also adds to his dribbling qualities as he can get the ball past someone, faster than others.

2. Mentality of ‘just go for it’

The Bayern player is known for taking every opportunity he can get to score a goal. Although he is a good team player, if he sees an opportunity to shoot himself, he will take it.

While some might say that in his young age it is important for him to be able to give the ball away instead of wasting chances, every team needs a player who sees unique opportunities and takes them, and with his technique and quick style of playing, he creates exactly those.

During the 2022 Qatar World Cup he got criticized for struggling with this finishing, and not all of the criticism was undeserved. But in the 2024 Euros he has already shown that he is better than he ever has been and he will play an important role in scoring goals for Germany.

3. Youthful ambition

To say that Musiala is still at the start of his career would be wrong as he already achieved so much on club level, but it is safe to say that he has still got a bright and long future ahead of him.

Because he is only 21 years of age, he still has that youthful eagerness and ambition which is visible every time he is on the pitch.

Especially him in combination with Leverkusen’s Florian Wirtz helps the German team, who have got the oldest squad in this year's Euros, to find the excitement that might be missing for some of the older players.

While Musiala is probably not one of the most important players when it comes to leadership off the pitch, he is definitely important on the pitch to deliver modern, exciting football to the fans.

Overall, Musiala will be the future for the German national team. He already plays such an important role in Germany’s success at the Euros so far, it will be delightful to see his development in the national team over the years.

Benji Kosartiyer
Kelly Stock

Football Writer


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