Müller Retires From International Football: His Most Memorable Moments

Müller Retires From International Football: His Most Memorable Moments

10/07/24 17:16

Thomas Müller - everyone knows him as the sunshine and motivator of the German national team. Over the past decade, it was impossible to imagine the squad without him and despite him never being the captain, he certainly acted like one.

Now, after 14 years with the DFB team and 131 appearances later, Müller has decided to step back from international football according to BILD, who Football Park rate as a tier two in reliability.

Regardless, Müller will continue his club career with Bayern Munich until at least 2025, where his contract is due to expire.

As Müller will leave a big hole in the German national team with his football qualities as well as his character, we take a look at his most memorable moments for die Mannschaft.

2010 World Cup: Maiden International Goal Against Australia

At just 20 years old, Müller got called up for the German national team for the first time, just in time for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The tournament started with a group stage clash against Australia and surprisingly, Müller was in the starting XI of Jogi Loew’s squad.

Germany had a fantastic start into their campaign as they thrashed the Australians with a 4-0. Goals were scored by Lukas Podolski, Miroslav Klose, Cacau and then youngster Thomas Müller.

He managed to get on the scoreboard alongside German legends like Klose who still holds the record of most appearances in international tournaments for Germany.

Although Müller scored the third goal of the match and, at the end of the day, did not save Germany from losing a dramatic game, it was a goal that he and fans will forever remember - his maiden goal in international football.

A goal into the left right corner was the start of his journey of winning the Golden Boot with five scored goals and the award of Best Young Player during the 2010 World Cup.

The forward has proven his qualities in a very young age and has helped Germany reach the semi-finals of the tournament where they, ironically, lost to Spain.

His goal against Australia was the start of his international journey. It will forever be cherished and is the moment that skyrocketed his career in German football.

2014 World Cup: Goal Against USA

Another group stage goal, can it really be that memorable? Short answer: Yes, it can.

For Germany to qualify for the knockout stages, a win against the USA was important because with them playing a good tournament and Portugal being in the same group, a draw or loss could have resulted in the Germans getting knocked out in the early stages.

While Germany controlled the match and was by far the better team, it seemed like the ball just did not want to go on target and past keeper Tim Howard who did a brilliant job, blockining five out of six shots.

Then, in the 55th minute, Müller came to not just save the day but the whole tournament for the DFB team by winning the World Cup. A goal from outside the box, perfectly placed into the right corner was all it took for Germany to qualify for the knockout stages as group winners.

Without that goal, it would have been uncertain whether or not Germany would have won the World Cup that year and therefore, although it was ‘just’ a group stage goal, it contributed to Germany winning it all at the end.

Moments Off The Pitch

Yes, Müller has proved to be a crucial part of the German national team over the past 14 years and has decided games with his amazing qualities but he was more than that.

He was and still is known as a leader off the pitch. For years, he brought together younger and older players and combined them into a united force. Sometimes it is the motivational speeches before matches and other times it is the jokes he makes. It is clear to say that Müller has always remembered his joyful character, even in darker times such as during the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

It is hard to point out a single moment of when he has shown his personality as there are too many to choose from. From doing viral dances with teammates to pulling funny faces during training and pranking his teammates - he did it all.

While he was a good player from a very young age, his character has made him to be one of the bests on club and international level. Through all this, it is also remarkable how down to earth he has always been.

A moment that stays in memory is his interview after scoring two goals against England in the round of 16 clash of the 2010 World Cup. During the interview he, of course, talked about his goals and the fact that he was playing his first international tournament but at the end it was important for him to greet his grandparents through the television as he knew that they were watching.

It is these humble moments that he continued to show throughout his whole career and while he leaves behind a football legacy, he will be remembered by teammates and staff as more than a footballer but as a friend.

Müller ending his international career will be a step backwards for the German national, although he did not start any of the matches during the 2024 Euros on home soil. Why his best football days might be over, the energy he brought towards his teammates has stayed the same over the past 14 years.

Benji Kosartiyer
Kelly Stock

Football Writer


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