The 5 Worst Post Fergie Manchester United Signings

The 5 Worst Post Fergie Manchester United Signings

10/03/24 11:40

Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired from management in 2013 Manchester United has been a pretty mixed bag. Especially when it comes to the signings they have made. Yes they have made some very good pick ups however I think it’s safe to say that the majority haven’t been very good at all. Some are a lot worse than others.

So here are Football Park’s picks for the five worst signings of the post Sir Alex Ferguson era at Manchester United.

  1. Paul Pogba

Pogba wasn’t terrible at Manchester United. Was he up to the standard many United fans and football fans expected when he made his return to the Premier League though? Not a chance. But Pogba’s involvement on this list isn’t purely because of the way he played on the pitch but more for the way it all came about.

In 2012, Pogba left the club joining Juventus on a free transfer. Only for Manchester United to smash the transfer record at the time to bring him back. £89 million is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a player. And for what United got from him as well it looked like an even worse piece of business.

And to make matters worse, Pogba left the Red Devils on a free transfer again just a few summers ago. Shocking business.

  1. Antony

It feels weird including a player on this ranking that is still at the club and has only been at the club for a short period of time. But Antony has been nothing short of terrible during his time at the club.

It started off so well for him scoring three in his first three games. But since then it has just gone downhill. This season he is sitting on a grand total of one goal in 29 appearances in all competitions.

And to think he was signed for £86 million. United surely would have expected more out of him. Is there still time for him? Who knows. But one thing is for certain Antony is not an £86 million player.

  1. Angel Di Maria

Before signing for the club Di Maria was an absolute machine. One of the star men in Real Madrid’s champions league success in 2013/14 he was incredible. So when he signed for Manchester United their fans were ecstatic. But it just wasn’t to be.

The Argentinian started brightly but tanked as the season went on. Bad performance after bad performance he just wasn’t the same player that was tearing it up in Spain. Injuries, a robbery and most importantly the terrible weather in Manchester meant Di Maria left the club just one year after signing. A truly awful spell at the club.

  1. Donny Van De Beek

In a way you have to feel bad for Van De Beek. He really hasn’t been able to settle at Manchester United at all. He was a key part of that Ajax side that shocked everyone in the Champions League a few seasons back. He was destined for a big move. And he got it.

However, Van De Beek has struggled to break into the team spending most of his time sitting on the bench. A loan spell at Everton saw him struggle as well and now it seems that he is destined for a move away in the summer once he returns from his current loan spell at Frankfurt.

For such an exciting signing with so much potential Donny Van De Beek simply hasn’t hit the mark.

  1. Alexis Sanchez

At Arsenal Alexis Sanchez was nothing short of superb. An exciting winger who could seemingly do so much. So when the deal was announced that he would be swapping North London for Manchester, the United fanbase was very happy. How could it go wrong?

It all started with one of the weirdest announcement videos you will ever see and then when he actually stepped onto the pitch he was a completely different player to the one we were used to seeing at Arsenal. Three goals in 18 months before moving away to Inter Milan in 2020.

Apparently he wanted to leave from the moment he got there. Alexis Sanchez is surely the worst signing that Manchester United have made since Sir Alex left.


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