The 5 Youngest Premier League Debuts Ever

The 5 Youngest Premier League Debuts Ever

10/04/24 21:32

The Premier League has seen many players come and go. Some old. And some young. In fact some have been VERY young.

In this article we look at the five youngest players to step foot on a Premier League pitch in it's history.

5 Aaron Lennon - 16 Years 4 Months 7 Days

Lennon is a bit of a Premier League legend. He spent the vast majority of his career in the English top flight at a number of different clubs. From Burnley to Everton to Spurs he was always a reliable Premier League face.

He wouldn't make his debut for any of those clubs though. In 2003, at the incredibly young age of 16, Lennon made his debut for Leeds United.

416 Prem appearances later and Lennon retired from football. An incredible career that started very young.

The only image of Lennon on Shutterstock

4 Izzy Brown - 16 years 3 months 27 days

Not many people would have heard of Izzy Brown. It doesn't help though that after a number of injuries he was forced to retire early.

The English winger made his debut at 16 for West Brom before making a huge move to Chelsea.

He would go on multiple loan spells to the likes of Vitesse, Brighton, Leeds, Luton, Sheffield Wednesday to name a few before eventually retiring at 27 years old.

3 Matthew Briggs - 16 years 2 months 7 days

Matthew Briggs is another player that has been around a bit in his career. Maybe not in as positive of a way as previously listed Lennon though.

Briggs made his debut for Fulham in 2009 and since then has moved all over England. In a number of different leagues.

He is currently 33 and playing his football for Horsham. Quite the decline.

2 Harvey Elliott - 16 years 1 month

Now this is a player we all know and a player that is still going strong. Despite being still a very young player.

Elliott debuted for Fulham just one month after turning 16. Not long after even that he got a huge move to Liverpool where he has raised through the ranks and still is to this day.

Multiple EFL Cup titles as well as a Premier League title to his name. Love him or hate him Elliott is one hell of a player.

Harvey Elliott

1 Ethan Nwaneri - 15 years 5 months 28 days

Nwaneri is the youngest Premier League player ever.

Making his debut for Arsenal in 2022 against Brentford he still has his entire career ahead of him. What will he achieve? At such a young age still only time will tell.

There is the list of the youngest players in Premier League history. It's got us wondering though... Who are the oldest players ever?


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