"I feel nothing" | Manchester United Fan Reacts To FA Cup Semi Final vs Coventry City

"I feel nothing" | Manchester United Fan Reacts To FA Cup Semi Final vs Coventry City

21/04/24 20:52

It’s been a few hours now since the FA Cup semi final between Coventry City and Manchester United. And after two strongly worded articles in the past, about Arsenal and Manchester City, it is finally my turn to speak my mind, as a Manchester United fan.


To be honest, I’m not overly sure what I should be writing here. I want to write exactly how I feel after the game but in all seriousness I feel nothing. That’s what Manchester United does to me now. It provides me with feelings of nothing. No joy. No anger. No sadness. Nothing. Just numbness.

One of the biggest clubs in world football coming up against a side 8th in the championship. And we were 3-0 up heading into the 70th minute.

And yet somehow Man United doesn’t cease to amaze. Because somehow. Some way. United go on to concede three forcing us into extra time and eventually a penalty shootout.

Words cannot describe just how I felt in that moment.

All season I have defended the team. I have defended the players. And most significantly I have defended the manager. But there is no defending that. There is no defending being three goals ahead with 20 minutes to go and throwing it away. All at the hands of what, in all honesty, is a much weaker side than we are.


Props to Coventry for getting that far and doing what they have done. They have encapsulated what the FA Cup magic is but there is no excuse from a United standpoint. If it was Man City or Liverpool or Arsenal there would be plenty of anger, trust me on that, but the fact that it was COVENTRY made it 10x harder to watch.

Not a single player on the field deserved it. I was sitting there as the game was drawing to a close saying “I hope we lose” all because I knew we didn’t deserve it. And then Coventry scored again. They should have won it. But United came out lucky. Typical.

I was certain we were destined to lose that game. So the fact that we have made it into the final is unbelievable. We have got so incredibly lucky and every single player in that dressing room needs to understand that.

Let's pick on a player right now shall we? Antony. Came onto the pitch and did absolutely nothing. But I don't want to talk about what Antony did during the game. No No No. It was once Hojlund's winning penalty went in that will steal the headlines.

Cupping his ears at the Coventry players and fans. Absolutely embarrassing. You will never see anything like that again I'm sure.

A player that has been awful since pretty much the moment he stepped into the club - including scoring just two goals all season - cupping his ears and taunting the Coventry players that took the game that far.

I hope one of them said something to him. Taunted him in some way. Giving him a reason to do that. But I'm sure nobody did. A cocky, arrogant and awful player. He doesn't deserve to represent the club doing something as stupid as that.

And to make matters worse apparently the manager himself doesn’t even believe that the result was embarrassing saying after the game that “It’s not an embarrassment. It’s a huge achievement.” despite also admitting we got away with one.

This hurts me to say. It really does. But if Erik Ten Hag is in the job next season I will be shocked. Like I said, I have been defending him, with my life, all season. I see that there is something there but this is inexcusable. The score was 3-0. And his team. The team he set up. The team he prepared tactically. They threw it all away. And forced us into a penalty shootout. If we had lost that game he would have been sacked on the spot I’m sure.

Within this I probably haven't talked about everything. But if I did I could probably talk all day and all night. Casemiro's awful penalty, the lack of desire in the whole team, the cocky mentality that everyone has and so on. I could go on forever. Ultimately this is nothing like the side that was playing last season. NOTHING.


But I’m done. The season is a write off. It’s over. We aren’t beating City in the final. Not a chance. Not if we play anything like we did today or have been for the majority of this season. It’s finished.

We will probably end up finishing 8th in the league and in even more shambles than we are now. I can only see it going even worse from here.

And to top it all off there is no solution. Nothing we can do now will fix it. At this point just get us to next season because I can’t be bothered to watch anymore of this shambles of a club this year. Something needs changing. And it needs changing SOON.


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