The 5 Best Individual Seasons In Premier League History

The 5 Best Individual Seasons In Premier League History

12/04/24 20:02

The Premier League has seen some incredible players since being born in 1992. But some people pull off the incredible every single week. Creating so many chances and scoring so many goals.

In this article, we are going to be looking at those best of the best seasons. Seasons like you have never seen before. The top five best individual seasons in Premier League history.

5 - Thierry Henry (2003/04)

Arsenal’s Invincibles season was pretty unbelievable. I mean the feat hasn’t happened since and will probably never happen again - not in the Premier League anyway.

That team in general had some pretty unbelievable players but the one that everyone sees as the standout has to be Thierry Henry.

Often described as the greatest player to ever do it in the Premier League Henry was a league above the competition at the time. This season in particular he was on fire.

Overall he scored 30 goals and managed 6 assists in just the 37 games that he played. And to walk away with a golden Premier League trophy to his name as well. This season was pretty special.

4 - Cristiano Ronaldo (2007/08)

From one of the greatest players to do it in the Premier League to arguably the greatest player in football history. Cristiano Ronaldo has done special things everywhere he has been.

But it was his 2007/08 campaign that was most impressive at Manchester United - earning him a place on this list.

That season he scored 31 goals and got himself 7 assists as well along the way. And then, to top it all off, that season earned him his first of five Ballon d’Or awards. Pretty incredible.

Ronaldo 2008

3 - Erling Haaland (2022/23)

It isn’t very often the Premier League has a player doing what Haaland did in his debut season in the league for Manchester City.

Described as "the robot" it was almost as if he was scoring every time he got on the pitch. And that shows considering he has made this list.

36 goals and 8 assists. It is surely the best debut season in Premier League history as well.

2 - Thierry Henry (2002/03)

The only player to appear on this list twice. If that doesn’t show how good he was I don’t know what will. As we said before, Henry was an amazing player.

Although he didn’t walk away with the Invincibles trophy in this season he managed to better that season here by a mile.

With 20 goals as well as over 20 assists in a single Premier League season. To this day Henry is the only person to accomplish this.

1 - Luis Suarez (2013/14)

Top spot, though, goes to Luis Suarez for his last season at Liverpool.

An incredible season where his 31 goals and 12 assists made everyone believe that Liverpool were finally going to win the Premier League title again. But that, of course, wasn’t to be thanks to Steven Gerrard.

Suarez was truly on fire that season!



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