What is the UEFA Euro 2024 trophy?

What is the UEFA Euro 2024 trophy?

12/06/24 16:52

Everything you need to know about the Euro trophy

The European championship football trophy, also known as the Henri Delaunay Cup, will be lifted by one of the 24 International team captains on the 14th July.

It is named after UEFA’s first general secretary and is actually the second trophy to be used, having been modelled after the original.

This second edition of the European Football Championship trophy weighs two kilograms heavier, is 18 centimetres higher and is now made out of Sterling Silver.

After Henri Delaunay dreamt of one day having a European continental tournament, the trophy was named after him after his passing five years previous to the first ever European championships which was overseen by his son as UEFA's then general secretary.

The teams to have lifted this the most are Germany and Spain, having both won the European Football Championship three times. With Germany hosting this tournament, it would be the perfect opportunity to become the outright superior side in the Euros.

The European Football Championship trophy will be lifted at the Olympiastadion this summer after previously being lifted by Italy at Wembley in 2021.

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