Oscar’s MLS Arrival: A New Era for Major League Soccer?

Oscar’s MLS Arrival: A New Era for Major League Soccer?

04/07/24 11:48

Major League Soccer (MLS) is poised for a thrilling transformation with the potential arrival of Oscar, the Brazilian midfield maestro.

After an illustrious career in Europe and China, Oscar is eyeing a fresh challenge in the American league. But the burning question remains: is he the perfect fit for MLS?

Oscar isn't just any player; he's a footballing wizard. With impeccable vision, pinpoint passes, and unparalleled ball control, Oscar can dissect defences with ease.

Imagine a classic Oscar through ball, slicing through the opposition, setting up a striker for a clean finish. It’s the kind of brilliance that can elevate any MLS squad.

At 32, Oscar's age raises eyebrows. Can he still dazzle as he did at Chelsea and for Brazil?

While he may lack the youthful explosiveness, his experience is invaluable. Having graced the grandest stages and faced top-tier competition, Oscar brings tactical acumen and a calm under pressure that could be crucial for any MLS team.

The league's evolution is undeniable, drawing global attention and enhancing its competitiveness. Stars like Zlatan Ibrahimović, David Beckham, and recently Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, and Olivier Giroud have graced MLS fields, raising the standard. Oscar could seamlessly follow this tradition, adding his flair to the mix.

However, there are hurdles.

Financially, Oscar commands a hefty salary, having earned a staggering £20.8m ($25m) annually in China. Even with a pay cut, his wages would be substantial for MLS clubs. Will teams be willing to make that investment, and will it yield results on and off the pitch?

Oscar's tenure in China poses another question: his pace.

The Chinese Super League’s lower competitiveness compared to Europe might affect his transition to MLS, which has its unique style. Oscar will need to prove he can still shine in this emerging and competitive league.

The league’s evolving structure, top-tier infrastructure, and competitive environment could be advantageous for Oscar.

MLS has been a fertile ground for experienced players, and Oscar might find new motivation and challenges here. His expertise could guide young talents and forge a formidable, cohesive team.

Oscar's eye-catching £60 million ($76m) move to Shanghai SIPG in 2017 sent shockwaves through the football world. With 68 goals in 220 appearances and an impressive recent form—8 goals and 14 assists in just 16 games—Oscar's prowess is unquestionable.

As his contract nears its winter expiration, the rumour mill is abuzz with his next move. Reports from The Athletic link the 32-year-old with a summer MLS switch. While no club has been named, the allure of the United States is strong.

Notably, Atlanta United is not in contention, focusing on a younger replacement for the Europe-bound Thiago Almada.

Oscar’s potential move follows a year of speculation and failed negotiations, including talks with Barcelona.

“Barcelona reached out to my agent to explore this possibility,” Oscar told TNT Sports.

“They knew football in China would pause until March. But Barca is facing a tough time now.”

Will Oscar bring his Brazilian magic to MLS? The saga continues to unfold, promising excitement and intrigue.

Benji Kosartiyer
Jamie Somerville



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